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If you’re a Customer of a WHI Certified SMS Partner, your SMS can seamlessly work together with Nexpart. Nexpart User Interface Integration (Nexlink) The Nexpart User Interface integration (Nexlink) allows you to pass vehicle and part information between an SMS estimate or repair order and your vendor’s Nexpart site. Partner definition, a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor; sharer; associate. See more. WHI Real Estate Partners L.P. is a real estate investment firm focused on repositioning middle-market properties throughout the United States. Define partner. partner synonyms, partner pronunciation, partner translation, English dictionary definition of partner. n. 1. One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest, especially: a. A member of a business... A Denver credit union providing savings, checking and loans to individuals, families and businesses in the Metro Denver area, including Arvada, Aurora, Littleton and Stapleton, Colorado. H-E-B Partner Services. We employ over 100,000 people we call Partners. We're all working together in the Spirit of H-E-B; committed to excellence and engaged in a cause that's more than a job. We believe people matter, and we have a mission to make their lives better. PartnerNet. Tom Selleck is an American actor, film producer, and California Army National Guard veteran. He is most known for starring as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. (1980–1988), as Peter Mitchell in Three Men and a Baby, and as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods on CBS since 2010. Partner definition is - one associated with another especially in an action : associate, colleague. How to use partner in a sentence. WHI Partner Program = Collaboration. The WHI Solutions partner program is a cooperative network of industry leading companies organized to help you to maximize the value of your IT investment with solutions that complement our Nexpart suite of eBusiness solutions. If you are with a partner who is narcissistic and lacks empathy, don’t count on this changing. You need to either accept that this person will likely never truly care about your feelings and the effect their behavior has on you, or you need to leave. Trying to change a person who currently lacks the ability to feel empathy is a waste of time ...

My toilet water is the same as my bath water?

2020.09.27 05:26 shouldhavebeenadoc My toilet water is the same as my bath water?

(Not sure where you post this as I cannot find anything online to explain this)
My partner and I (29 f, 28m) moves into a basement suite a year ago. We have had problems with out plumbing from the water backing up into our bathtub, it was a disgusting mess I had to clean up and we had to throw out a lot of towels and get a plumber in twice because our landlord only thew 200 to get it fixed the first time.
For a few couple of months I noticed that our bathroom smells musky, like pee. I keep a really clean toilet so I deep scrubbed the holding tank and put in a blue tab (cleaning tab) to keep it clean.
When I went to pour myself a bath (a week after I put in the tab) I noticed my bath water is the same as my toilet water! Why is that? My tap to my bathtub runs a little yellow before I turn on my shower. Why is this happening? Am I cleaning myself in toilet filth?
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2020.09.27 05:19 gnomerosun What am I feeling?

I was recently having a conversation with my wife about the circumstances of how we met. See my wife and I got together when we were both with other people. We know it wasn't the best option but we both were in relationships that were over in every way, other than the we hadn't told our partners. I was in an abusive relationship. I was ready to move on. But the relationship I have with my wife is not what I'm confused about. I absolutely love my wife and I love our family. We recently celebrated our daughter's second birthday. I love her. But during the early part of my relationship with my now wife I was also having feelings for another person. My wife knows about her. It was my wife and my boss at the job we both worked at.
I had known my boss before I met my wife. My boss actually hired my wife. My boss and I met at the time of my first marriage. My boss had moved with her wife and daughters. We had struck up a friendship that at times felt like it was becoming more. My boss and I would flirt heavily and we had spent a few nights texting eachother, borderline sexual advances. It would always end with my boss telling me she loved her wife. I was trying to be respectful and I kept my distance. However my boss's advances continued and I was happy to play along. At the time it felt good to be wanted. My boss and I shared intimate details about our life with eachother. I made every possible excuse to stay late at work so we could spend the nights talking with eachother. My boss threw me more than enough hints that she was truly interested in more with me. She even agreed with me that if circumstances were different, she and I would be together.
We spent a few months flirting then the woman that would become my wife came along. I started talking with my now wife and she and I began seeing eachother. The relationship I had with my boss changed. When the three of us would work my boss would flirt with my now wife. However it was clearly an effort to make me jealous. I didn't want to believe my boss had feeling for me at the time.
I recently discussed this relationship with my now wife. My wife said it was obvious my boss was in love with me. My wife seemed surprised I would have totally missed the cues. Looking back it is obvious my boss was truly in love with me. I can't say I was in love with her but I did have romantic feelings. I knew my boss had a wife and I felt it was best I didn't ruin their relationship. My boss switched stores and we lost touch for a while. Until one day she called me up to work with her. I had a brief conversation when I was working with her about the status of our friendship. She said she was happy for my now wife and I. My boss had asked if I was happy and I said yes. My boss closed the door on our relationship, when her wife found some text messages I sent my boss. I was so confused about why my boss would keep those messages. It's clear now that she had feelings for me.
I guess I just wonder if I was meant to be with my boss. Our connection seemed spiritual. I would say we were close to the definition of soul mates. We shared details that we hadn't shared with our partners with eachother. I feel guilty that I sometimes think about my boss even though I love my family. I guess the idea that soul mates exist is too perfect to resist.
I haven't spoke to my boss in a few years. I recently spoke with people that I worked with that confirmed my boss's feelings for me. I just wonder how things would be different if she and I were together. I just wonder if I should be feeling guilty?
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2020.09.27 05:18 Always-in-the-Middle I (23F) just realized I have spent a good chunk of my life bottling up my emotions. I'm not sure how to stop/unlearn this

TLDR: I just realized I have a bad habit of bottling up my emotions when I am upset and am hoping for some advice on how to stop.
I feel as though I'm at my wit's end with this. While I guess it's better to realize this sooner than later, I dont know how to unlearn bottling up my emotions. I apologize for any formatting issues since I'm on mobile rn.
Growing up the focus was always on keeping the peace within the family (nothing extreme, but I never wanted to upset the balance). Instead of learning how to deal with my negative emotions, I just shoved them down because "this isnt the time for that". My parents both bottle their emotions, so ive never really seen a healthy way of dealing with them I guess.
I never really realized this was a problem of mine until dating my current boyfriend (27M). I love him to bits, but when he does/says things that upset me I just keep my mouth shut. It's not until way later (sometimes days, sometimes months) that I bring it up with him, after I've worked up the courage to address the problem. By then, he has most likely forgotten about the scenario and is confused about why I didnt bring it up sooner. Sometimes when I bring things up so late after theyve happened he gets frustrated. He has always been able to get over things relatively quickly, whereas I have difficulty doing so. I do understand where he's coming from when he gets frustrated, since it's difficult to discuss a problem like a month after it's passed, you know?
I've tried to get better at addressing things in the moment, honestly I have, but everytime I think I'm going to bring something up, I freeze. It's stuck in my throat until I just pretend I'm fine. I dont know why & i wish i didnt. I think part of my brain is scared that he'll have a bad reaction or we'll have a fight (which is incredibly unlikely because when we've had disagreements in the past, for the most part, we have been able to talk it through normally). I assume my fear of upsetting him comes from when I was younger? Or perhaps I'm worried that anytime I'm upset he'll have a bad reaction. But again, unlikely, so I dont know why my brain jumps to that scenario first.
I feel like such a bad partner when I'm unable to communicate negative feelings. Hell, even when I do bring things up I either A always pick a very bad time (ex. Right when hes about to leave) or B am not clear enough about what I'm feeling/why I'm upset. So everything gets bottled up until the next time I'm upset, when my brain brings up the past and berates me with it.
Has anyone else had experience with bottling things up? How were you able to unlearn it? I want to be able to communicate openly with my BF and family, but I just cant get over the anxiety I feel when I'm upset. I dont want to be the kind of person who brings up old old arguments/upsetting situations in fights, or the kind of person that can never let go of anything. I also dont want to be resentful towards the people I love or harbour these negative emotions when they dont serve any purpose besides making me sad. Thanks in advance if you've read this far
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2020.09.27 05:16 Roidreddit How come men’s rights when it comes to children are so.. “uneven” compared to women’s?

Disclaimer- not saying anything except that men’s rights are often overlooked compared to women’s when talking about children
Okay so let’s say, a woman cheats but the current partner thinks it’s his etc. his name is on the birth certificate so even if he does find out odds are he will be forced to pay child support for the child even if it’s not his? Doesn’t make any sense at all.
Now say both biological parents divorce, statistics say women have a wayyyy bigger chance of having custody where the father often gets to see the child on the weekends or something similar. (Custody is more likely going to be awarded to the mother)
Say two adults have consenting sex but they didn’t use protection. The woman gets pregnant etc. why can’t the father “dismiss” (is that what’s it called? Giving away legal right stone the child) BEFORE it’s born so that the woman can take into account that the father won’t be there, meaning not paying child support.
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2020.09.27 05:15 YellowStarburstFan Major blues tonight and feeling like I’ll never be able to give my pup the life he deserves.

My husband and I have a 5 month old ACD/Beagle/Lab mix and it’s been a rough 3 months since we brought him home...
We’ve worked really hard training him and even put him in PetSmart’s puppy class (which he graduated from a couple weeks ago). He’s definitely come a long way and knows his basic commands but we have such an issue with biting and his herding instincts coming into play that I’m scared my husband is at the end of his rope.
Specifically, our pup constantly bites my husbands ankles. He used to bite and nip at me to try playing with me but I curbed that behavior early on by walking away and ignoring him. He learned within a few weeks that biting means that I leave the room and he doesn’t get to play with me.
With my husband, however, he has not made that connection. I keep reminding my husband that shouting ‘No’ or ‘Leave it’ at the puppy, pushing him off, and/or yelping in pain are all reactions that the puppy cannot distinguish from playful reactions... I keep trying to tell my partner that he needs to silently and swiftly GET OUT of the dog’s reach/vision and do so CONSISTENTLY. But my husband argues that the biting hurts so much he can’t help but scream and react the way he does... it’s not like the puppy is breaking skin and drawing blood—he’s just nipping and pinching the skin in a way that seems to cause extreme pain for my husband... (by contrast when the puppy used to nip at my toes he would actually break skin... so idk if my husband has a lower tolerance of pain or what..)
Anyways, I go on this sub and one of the ACD subs and continually read about how much exercise and stimulation and room to run around this breed needs to really thrive... and I just don’t know if we can offer him that. I want to put him in doggy daycare a couple days a week to see if that will help him chill out at home more, but my husband wants to hire a trainer to come observe his behavior and tell us what we need to do to fix the biting. Frankly I think they’ll tell my husband exactly what I have been telling him, but maybe hearing it from a seasoned dog training professional will make it stick better with my husband?? I don’t know why he can’t just take my word for it after I’ve proven that it works.
Anyways, we also both work full-time and are living in a 3BR apartment (except the puppy is not allowed to roam all over the apartment so his world is effectively much smaller than that). We don’t have anywhere we can take him to let him run around off-leash, and don’t have the time for more than one or two 30-60min walks per day. But according to the ACD subreddit that’s not going to cut it.. according to them these pups need hours upon hours of running around to get their energy out??! It’s crazy!! We have another year on our 15-month lease so can’t even think about moving into a house with a fenced in yard until next fall.
Our current routine is as follows: 6:30/7 — wake up/potty/breakfast/puzzle toy/fetch at the park across the street or a quick walk if we have time 8:30 — Puppy goes up in his crate and we’re off to work. He has a couple chew toys to keep him occupied while we’re out of the apartment 12:00 — my husband comes home for lunch so he lets the pup out, feeds him lunch/takes him potty and tries to get a quick walk in if he has time. 1:00 — He’s back in his crate and my husband returns to the office for the remainder of the afternoon 4:30 — Husband gets home, puppy gets a potty break & dinner & typically goes crazy on my husband around this time 5:30 — I get home from work and he husband is cooking dinner at this point so I’m entertaining the puppy. 6:30/7 — we put him up for an evening nap because early on when we brought him home we learned that enforced naps would save our sanity... which they totally have! Except after an hour or so our pup comes out of his crate still pretty wired 7 — I take him for a 30-60min walk through the neighborhood/apartment complex 8 — one more enforced nap bc he’s usually really wired and crazy at this point and I can’t distinguish between him having a lot of excess energy and him being overtired/over-stimulated... 9 — one more hour playing inside the apartment (fetch, puzzle toys, or if we’re really desperate for quiet time we give him a bully stick) 10 — one more potty break and then it’s time for bed.
I have no time for myself or my husband these days and it’s really taking a toll on me. I have a full time job and I’m trying to make my side hustle my main source of income and it’s just impossible to juggle all the balls right now...
I’m just feeling so defeated now bc I can’t seem help my husband curb the puppy biting him, and I fear we’ll never be able to give our sweet and crazy pup the amount of exercise he needs to properly get his energy out...
I don’t even want to think about rehoming him but I’m so scared my husband might come to that conclusion without me. I love our pup so much and can’t imagine life without him right now. He and I have developed a strong bond at this point and I’ve dreamed about having a pup for so long. I’m just so sad tonight I can’t stop crying.
Puppy TaxPuppy Tax though bc I love this bundle of energy and the world needs to see his adorable face more
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2020.09.27 04:58 Hojothehobo [M4A] Lets be evil Overlords

The fantastic DMORPG Game of Lives had been around for nearly a year, and already it had taken the globe by storm. A fantasy rpg game where anyone can be anything that they can imagine within reason.
The appeal brought in so many that the servers had to be constructed or bought within fourty eight hours of release! Though unfortunately this has also caused it to be exceedingly hard to perform server maintenance with people being constantly on. Most doctors have said that forced server shutdowns with players still in the full emersion could be dangerous to mental health. That’s why the times for each server were set at the lowest player density times based on region, and players not in combat were given forced exit pop ups they could not avoid.
Though the flaw in that system was the fact that you had to be out of combat. Too many people got upset when a rare monster or an encounter exclusive was lost because the devs needed to fix the glitch where if you used a tentacle instead of a tail you could break your dexterity stat. That was why two max level guild members were suddenly trapped in the shutdown as they were facing a new boss monster. Though instead of waking up in their beds, they blacked out, and found themselves in a grassy field with their UIs missing and everything a lot more real.
Hi everyone, I just got finished watching the anime Overlord and the whole concept of it was fantastic to me. I loved the idea of a player deciding to take over the world to find information, being max level and godlike over the normal people of the world, and having customizable npcs that worship them as Supreme beings.
So that’s what the idea of this rp is going to be all about! Two characters trapped in a fantastical world that is similar but different from the world they know. It also won’t give them as much of a head start as Overlord did, more struggle and issues to get to conquering nations. Maybe even some romance along the way.
I was thinking we still had the option to make a few npcs but that can be discussed personally.
I would prefer a literate roleplay partner that writes in third person.
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2020.09.27 04:31 MaryFish855 How do you maintain your individuality in a relationship without causing distance? How do you let go of separation insecurity?

I (29F) have been dating my boyfriend (30M) for 9 months. We get along well, have fun together and have the same values. It’s early, but we are talking about the future a ton. It is getting serious.
First off, I want to say that I am not an annoying, overbearing girl. I do have my emotional days but, on the whole, I am relatively level headed and (I think) generally pleasant and fun to be around. I also realize this post is asking a lot about “me, me, me” I just don’t have anyone else to talk to about relationships besides my boyfriend and, we will talk, but I need some outside perspective/advice.
Before I met my boyfriend, I was single for a year and I was genuinely happy, busy and productive. I was truly living the fun, single life, and I loved it. I lived alone, made many new friends, travelled and started a business. Then I met my boyfriend and I grew to love our relationship MORE than being single.
Even though I have been giving him a LOT of space, he recently told me I am being too needy with his time. I was confused and hurt because I have been sacrificing to give him what I thought was enough time to do his own thing. Apparently, it is not enough and I don’t know if I can handle less time together at this point!
Trying to find a balance has been extremely difficult. I block off 50% of days in my calendar to give him space aka days I don’t reach out or ask to hang, even entire weekends. I don’t text him anymore except to confirm time/plans. While doing this does give him the time alone that he wants, it puts me in this mindset of trying to maintain my individuality and I wind up extending our time apart to prove that I can be alone and to prove to him he can trust me not to bother him when he needs space. We spend about 50% of our time together and together with friends/family - this should be enough? Right?
I’m still productive when I’m alone, but doing things alone isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. It’s just passing time. I’m totally aware of how destructive this behavior is and I need advice on how to stop being this way!
My boyfriend has made it clear he needs a lot of space, and I have been doing my best to respect that. At the same time, while he’s enjoying his space, I’m struggling to be my old, happy self without his company. Even if I indulge in a hobby or go out with my friends, internally, I am just wanting time to pass so I can see him again.
I can’t believe how dependent I suddenly am when I have never been this way before. I know my ultimate fear is losing him but my behavior may be the very reason if I do.
I feel like I am trying hard to prove to myself I don’t need his company to be happy. I didn’t before, so why should I now? I’m super confused how I became this way and would appreciate any feedback/advice from anyone who has gone through something similar or even those who have a clingy partner. What is the right amount of time to be spending together? Am I really being clingy or does he need too much time apart? Can a couple realistically live together when this balance is off? How do you enjoy your individuality like you did before you were with anyone?
Tl;DR: (29F) I have been insecure about space with my boyfriend (30M). I am trying to give him space but find myself feeling very needy when we are not together. I don’t bug him about it but I want to be happy when I’m alone like I used to be.
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2020.09.27 04:05 Atmosphere_Gullible Good enough for divorce??

I am a strong believer that a women is a reflection of her environment and if her husband has a wondering eye what do you think will happen to her? If she’s becoming insecure where is that coming from? So I’ve written him this. Reasons why I’m divorcing you.
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2020.09.27 04:05 mayawantstoknow That time JNMIL yelled at me in my own home and accused me of stealing.

Hi, long time lurker here but I have a MIL and SIL from actual hell. I thought I’d introduce myself to you all by sharing what went down after my partner’s birthday last year. It’s going to be a long post, I’m so sorry.
Some backstory, my JNMIL is BPD/Narcissist and has always treated my partner like shit. Has a crazy daughter (JNSIL) who can do nothing wrong even though she’s literally the worst person I’ve ever met. She also has four other kids who are all babies from her second husband. That woman loves babies because they depend on her, I tell ya. She was nice enough to me at first, but she’s the kind of person who will take advantage of you if she can, and she always needed something. At first I was very accommodating but as I got to know SO more I realized she’s a terrible mother so I stopped doing whatever she wanted. My partner knows he has a shit mom but she’s relentless and he’d rather live in peace by not confronting her and he just avoids her as much as possible. I knew this hurt him, because he basically raised himself so I always tried to be supportive and encouraging of him having some sort of relationship with his mother, even if I disliked her.
Fast forward four years to last year. Mind you, she’s done plenty of shit during those years. Maybe I’ll share some other time. He didn’t want to spend his birthday with her so he said we’d be there next day for a mini celebration. He and JNSIL lived in JNMIL’s other house (she has a condo in her name that their eldest live in and she lives with her new husband and other kids) but JNSIL made SO pay all the bills and do all the cleaning, ate his food and was an overall nasty person. There’d been some tension going on because she lied and told JNMIL that we’d used her shampoo and body wash? They hated it when I stayed there saying the house wasn’t a motel (see the implication? Pretty impossible to miss) and JNMIL took money away from what JNFIL sends their eldest’s to “repay” JNSIL for the toiletries. This was rich as fuck considering she stole a bottle of perfume and a bunch of other stuff I’d left at SO’s house for convenience but I’d let it go in the past bc I used to be very patient with them.
Anyway we show up and I get handed a baby while JNMIL and JNSIL literally lock themselves and my partner in a room to have a shouting match because he’d stolen form JNSIL and he didn’t respect them and he spent all of his time between me and law school instead of helping them (she has a dead beat husband and JNSIL had managed to get herself pregnant from her boss, classy). Things start to escalate and I can hear SO voice shaking, trying to stay calm and asking them to please open the door because he wants to leave. They were being so abusive and I’m on the other side of the door trying to get it open at this point. I call an Uber to get us the hell out of there as soon as he gets out and when he does, I have our stuff ready and he manages to say “honey grab your stuff we’re leaving”.
She then tries to talk to me as we’re leaving and goes “have you two been having issues?” (The nerve?) It had been years of this kind of treatment but I’d finally witnessed it. I lost it. We’re halfway out the door and I go “don’t you dare make this about me. What kind of mother steals from their own child, you two are fucking crazy” (not my finest moment but she deserved it oh my god she deserved it). She starts laughing and that’s the last thing I saw before she went back in. I swear I’m not making this up. SO could barely hold back the tears on the way back home and I was shaking with anger. I was so angry at this woman. My partner is someone who’s had a tough life. He’s a man who likes to take care and protect the people he loves and it was his fucking birthday. His mom yelled at him for ten minutes straight over a few bucks when we would never touch JNSILs crap? We’re not children?
Anyway a few days go by. SO is in class and I had the day off work so I went to get some groceries. I get home, I’m standing in my front yard looking for my keys and turn around to find JNMIL and JNSIL standing right behind me (which wasn’t creepy at all) each holding their youngest babies and my first instinct was to ask if everything was okay (she has a million kids, thought one of them was at the hospital or something) and then they both proceed to yell at me because, get this, one of JNSILs handbags was missing (They could’ve said cash was missing which I think would have been smarter but anyway) I obviously never touched any of her stuff because why would I? They keep yelling I’m a thief and getting in my face and I’m generally not good a confrontations, I got so upset and I tried to defend myself but they just kept throwing lie after lie and at this point I’m trying to ask my neighbors for help. I can’t even remember all the crap they said, but it was awful, she even said I hit my partner because of the way I had reacted the other day (as in, I had showed violent behavior by talking back at her). I come from a loving family, no one had ever treated me like that before. I think I was in shock. I tried calling the cops but the line was busy and JNMIL goes “oh yes call the cops I’ll let them know all about the theft”. It was crazy, like how far was she willing to take this. I know I’m my heart she knows I never took anything but was doing that to appease JNSIL. I’m trying to kick them out of my property, telling them they’re trespassing and all of a sudden I had a moment of clarity and grabbed my keys, pushed past them and went into my house. They could wait for the cops, who had answered by this point, in my front lawn.
As soon as I’m alone I start bawling my eyes out. I call SO and explain what happened and beg him to come home. He leaves immediately and i know he kept trying to call them because I could see from the window that JNMIL and JNSIL were sitting on my garden bench and one of them said “oh look who’s calling”. By the time the cops showed up they’d left, thank god, that would’ve been another shit show. I filed a police report and got a surveillance warrant which meant the cops were keeping tabs on me and patrolling my house in case they decided to come back because, oh yes, they’d threatened to “fuck me up”. I considered filing a restraining order but they told me I could if they came back within thirty days and of course they didn’t.
I’m so sorry this is so long but it’s not even the end. Weeks go by and I start getting phone calls and texts from distant and close family members telling me that JNSIL has been stalking the entire family on social media, asking for my mothers phone number (I’m 25 and live on my own Jesus Christ) because she wants to tell her all about the theft and to everyone else who’ll listen. At this point she knows my distant cousins better than I do. Of course no one believed her and my mom was fuming they’d treated me like this.
I went NC and I told SO this was it. I am never speaking or seeing both of them ever again. If we ever have kids, I am 100% fine with them not knowing her and my partner and I agree on this. SO said he’s never been more embarrassed in his life and went NC with JNSIL, only talks to JNMIL because of he doesn’t she’ll withhold the money his dad sends him every month for school. If you made it this far, thank you. I got my first gray hair last year because of these two lunatics. SO and I are young, but pretty serious and living together now. We’re happy and have long term plans, I’m just sad it has to be like this with his side of the family.
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2020.09.27 03:55 Edgy_Metalhead_ I need to vent

When a broken man is in love with somebody, he makes dedicates all his efforts so that he can make his partner happy. He'd gladly take away any pain from the love of his life. He makes sure that his S.O. has the love, the attention, the affection that he always wanted. A broken man spends hours wondering how to make his lover's life better, how to create a life of happiness and peace.
I gave that to you. All the love in my heart was meant for you. I spent so many sleepless nights thinking of ways to make you smile.
So why did you spit in my face and call me worthless and obsessive? I gave you everything when you had nothing.
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2020.09.27 03:54 anonymousman94 I've always felt like I come up short in the length department. Any thoughts?

Pretty much I'm around 6" but never felt like I've ever been long enough to make any impact with my sexual partners. Is that me just being to much in my own head or do woman generally prefer bigger? Why are your guys and gals thoughts?
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2020.09.27 03:51 Arightfunthingy At a loss with my dog's reactive barking.

My dog is overall very excited/frustrated reactive and we've managed to tackle MOST of the issues with training. We've done a reactive dog class that taught me a lot about management. The methods worked.
One last problem remains: Barking. And not just a woof here and there - he SCREAM BARKS. If someone slams a car door down the block, he can hear it and will immediately flip his lid.
We tackle this by playing a lot of white noise - which DOES help. We've taught him to leave it and "quiet." He'll listen for the most part UNLESS he sees someone near the house - in which case nothing really stops him.
In the year and a half I've had him - we've tried: Sitting in the yard and giving a treat every time someone walked back. Blocking his view from the outside world from inside. Clicker training when he sees a trigger to be quiet. He knows what "quiet" means - as well as speak. I've tried thanking him for barking (IE: Acknowleding he did something because he is a herding breed and its an instinct for him) and then telling him to leave it.
In the moment - if I am able to catch the trigger ahead of the time - 99% of the time I am able to stop him from screaming barking. He DOES listen. Problem is - if I am not aware of something or I'm trying to shower - 99% of the time if left to his own devices (even in a closed off room out of VIEW of triggers with a fan running) he will still scream bark at SOME noise.
I work nights and work from home and work three day weekends every other weekend. My housemate will have guests over often on the weekends (as she should). This forces me to enclose him in the room where I'm working for the afternoon/night until bed time on those days. He doesn't mind this, really, so long as he gets exercise. But if he happens to hear the guest go to the bathroom or laugh (even AFTER doing an introduction) he FLIPS OUT. Often times, I'm on the phone with someone and he just starts to SCREAM bark.
On top of this, there is no warning at all. I'm a very jumpy person and my reaction to being startled is always anger. Its a split second thing - he scream barks and I shout "FUCK!!!!!" usually followed by "Quiet" - and he'll listen. I know this makes it worse but I dont even know how to stop myself.
My housemate is sick of it, with good reason. My partner is sick of it, with good reason. I'm constantly on edge and keeping watch to try and mitigate his reactions to anything around him. I literally NEVER relax. I can't figure out why it hasn't "clicked" yet. Months and months of training to try and teach him to NOT scream just hasn't worked, where reaction training in general has worked in every other problem we've had.
I honestly want to cry every time I work and especially when my housemate has guests over. I work from 4 PM until 4 AM on the weekends (with every other weekend off).
The only thing that really seemed to work when it came to his barking - he used to have a major problem scream barking in the yard at our neighbors. I tried all the same training tricks mentioned above and none worked. One day, I was watering the garden while he was having a fit and misted him with the hose while saying "leave it". He immediately stopped and if I say "leave it" now when I'm outside, he won't bark. His barking in the yard has decreased ten fold. This is obviously a negative for him and I'm trying to avoid that at all costs because I've read how that can just make the problem worse... but I can't help but wonder if I'm doing something wrong here.
Thank you for any help in advance. I'm honestly desperate.
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2020.09.27 03:45 Orangebottle94 Any tips for intruding negative thoughts?

The last couple of months I have suffered from negative intruding thoughts when going to sleep. I already lost several nights worth of sleep and it sets my next day up for failure due to fatigue. I already made an appointment with a therapist, however due to corona there is a long queue before I can see the therapist.
So any tips to help me until that point would be greatly appreciated! Since it always happens when I would like to sleep, things like "going for a run" or "watch a movie (too much blue screen light)" are not viable options.
Perhaps an example of what the thoughts are would help you guys to provide tips. It's feels like there is a voice in the back of my head, similar to the one that says you need to clean the dishes or study instead of watching that movie you are doing at the moment. It tells me very negative things like. Your study will fail, you never get a job, you never find a partner, no one loves you, you are all alone. When I wrote them down and read it the next day I didn't even identify with it at all. Couldn't even grasp it why I would feel that way as I am pretty satisfied with all parts of myself and my way of living. Seems really random to me.
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2020.09.27 03:39 AmericaRUserious Fuck the CDC and their lazy stance on non testing for asymptomatic people and on disclosure

This is what the CDC actually says on their website in regards to why they recommend not getting tested if you don't have symptoms.
(FAQ) Wouldn’t testing everyone stop the spread of genital herpes?
CDC- "We don’t know. There is no evidence that diagnosing genital herpes with a blood test in someone without symptoms would change their sexual behavior and stop the virus from spreading. In addition, without knowing the benefits of testing, the risk of shaming and stigmatizing people outweighs the potential benefits. For these reasons, testing everyone for herpes is not recommended at this time."
The reason I think this is awful is because on the same website, they state that people with symptoms need to disclose to their partners.....................and then they never address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM of how unfair this is- the obvious dilemma/ catch 22 going on, of how statistically, only about 1 in 40 people will ever face the burden of being morally obligated to disclose if you are going by their standards (due to the high rate of asymptomatic carriers not having to).
Also, simply saying "We don't know. There is no evidence..." seems like such a cop out to me, a lazy way of dismissing an obvious dilemma. I know this might come off like I am suggesting you don't have to disclose. I'm not. I am pro-disclosure, but the contradiction going on- to say that the stigma outweighs the benefits of being diagnosed, but then suggesting that someone without the virus needs to be told that they might get it from a potential sexual partner... is backwards if you think about it and do a thought experiment based on their rationale, because the potential partner is now a vehicle for the stigma. It's literally the same thing.
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2020.09.27 03:25 ForbannaNordlending At my wits end and need help...

Earlier this year, I posted on this forum asking for advice regarding my wife's situation.
She worked for a company that owes her 1,758,44 EUR. I was able to push them to pay the first part of the entire amount of 3 k EUR (I believe). But now they refuse, it's been months now and our only option is really just to publicly denounce them. I don't really like doing it that way, so I wanted to ask again for some more advice. Their company is situated in France, are there any french translators in this community that would like to give us advice?
I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that they broke their own contract here.
They didn't inform my wife until 5 days after the payment was due (65 in total and 60 day payment policy).
They didn't show her any reviewer's notes or proofreader's notes that supports their accusation, and even if they did, they probably would've used a in-house reviewer to back up their claims.
They kept my wife within their translation pool even to this day, she was contacted recently (Thursday) by a pm with a job opportunity. Which from a legal standpoint, tells us that they couldn't have been unhappy with her work, why would you keep her in a translation pool after being so unsatisfied that you refuse to pay her a full amount. When you're that unhappy with the quality, you resign them usually on the spot and leave them out of the translation pool for good.
I despise this, I really need to air out my frustration on this, it is like being spit on and having your dignity dragged down the mud when even a company doesn't uphold its own legal contract and think they can just get away with it. I am so sick and tired of this, I have experienced this too, so many times. I am not someone that usually beg, but I really need help on this one. I will keep denouncing them on their company Facebook page and be aggressive, but if there is another, cleaner way, I will take it.
The only clean alternative I know is to contact Proz and have them blacklisted, but we are living in a pandemic and my wife lives in Mexico, I need to help her get her money back. I don't think I want to go as far as denouncing them on forums, yet. But I might have to if I don't find another alternative.
We have emails and everything in order that shows how they have treated my wife poorly, and how from a legal standpoint, none of this makes any sense.
I would also like to hear people's opinions on public denouncement, to me it always feels harsh and sometimes can feel like your harassing, but I can't afford having a lawyer on hand to defend me or my wife whenever this happens, so what else is there to do. It breaks my heart and soul not to be able to help my partner in this and I am so desperate for any help I can get.
P.S. Sorry for my grammar right now, I am just writing what comes to mind, and I have been awake most of the night obsessing about this.
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2020.09.27 03:21 BrunoIvan343 I carly ep 2

Which is why I say the potato is superior to the sports bra. And if you don't believe us, try making French fries out of a sports bra. Okay! Next on iCarly, we're gonna talk about the doorman who works in the lobby of this building. - His name is Lewbert. - The meanest man alive. We hate his guts. And so you can hate Lewbert's guts just as much as us We asked our technical producer, Freddie Say yo to the people, Freddie. Yo, to the people. How you all doing out there? That's enough, Freddie. Anyway, we've been secretly videotaping Lewbert for almost a week. So let's take a look at some of the highlights. - Freddie, roll the clip. - Playback. Okay. And there's Lewbert sitting at his desk. Just a nasty little man working in the lobby. And if you look real close, you can see his wart. Zoom in on it, Freddie. Digital zoom. There it is, living happily right on Lewbert's face. I call that wart Little Lewbert. Zoom out. Okay, see that lady? Watch what happens. - Out! - I just need to check my mail. - No dogs in my lobby! - I will leave in a minute! Now! Out! You know what? I pay rent in this building. This is not right that you are treating us like this. He's arguing with a pomegranate. - Pomeranian. - Whatever. Okay, okay, now watch Lewbert closely. See that little kid with a balloon right next to him? - Mommy! That man ate my cookie! - You took my son's cookie? No! No way. How dare you! - You are so cruel! - I'm cruel? You have crumbs falling all over your face and all over my face. Security! That man took my son's cookie. What are you going to do about it? - You see what he did? - Did you see that? As you can see, Lewbert's a bad person. which we call, - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - And there's Lewbert, live. - I'll dial the lobby downstairs. Main lobby. And that concludes this segment of - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " Who is this? What up, my peeps? Wow, that greeting was uncool in so many ways. Yeah? Well, uncool is the new cool. Wow, that comeback was uncool in so many ways. - All right, you know what, Sam? - What, Freddie? - Why don't you tell me what. - I am a human being. - You're a human being? - I deserve respect! - You deserve a brain. - At least I have a brain! No, you don't have a brain. You have nose hairs - What'd you just do? - What was that? See, when you have a cat, that's how you get them to stop misbehaving. You just spritz them with some water. - Well, you can't do that to us. - We're not cats. Yeah, just put your little bottle Spencer! Dinner time! You guys staying for dinner? - Yeah, I got no place to go. - Sure. I'm here. One sec. - So, what's for dinner? - We're having my special spaghetti. Nice-looking meatballs. Hey, your guys' web show was pretty awesome tonight. I loved how you guys zoomed in on Lewbert's big old wart. I wonder what'd happen if you squeezed that thing. You think some kind of Lewberty goo would squirt out of it? I just wish we could get more people watching the show. The same number of people watched iCarly this week as last week. That's the problem. Our show's getting better and better, so more people should be watching it. Why do you guys care how many people are watching? Why do we care? You're an artist. When you create a new sculpture, do you want two people to see it or do you want two million people to see it? Two million. So, ideas? Yeah. Your spaghetti could use more garlic. I think Carly's spaghetti is great. Then why don't you put some down your pants. Because maybe I don't want to put pasta down my pants! Maybe you should try All right, look. We all know that making a good show is important. And so is getting more people to watch. So, what if we each come up with a cool way - to get more people to watch. - Yeah. And then we show our ideas to the iCarly audience. And we let them vote on who came up with the best idea? Right, like a contest. That way we do a good show and get more viewers. - I'm on Carly's team. - Teams? She said "each. " And why do you get to be on Carly's team? 'Cause "each" sounds like a lot of work. Relax, buddy. I'll be on your team. - Seriously? - Yeah, I got time. - You're not still dating that girl? - She only liked me for my socks. - That's weird. - Is it? - Well, okay then. We're partners. - Partners! Perfect. So it's me and Sam versus Freddie and Spencer. Team with the best idea to get more viewers wins. Okay. But I think the team that loses should have some penalty. Hasn't life already penalized you enough? - That's for being mean. - It was worth it. All right, come on. What should the losers have to do? I'm gonna say, losing team has to touch Lewbert's wart. Yeah! I mean Hey, Freddie. Man! - What are you doing? - Bleeding. - Why are you here? - We are gonna win the contest. I came up with an insanely awesome way to get more people watching your guys' webcast. - Tell me. - We get a bunch of fireworks, right? And not the lightweight consumer-grade stuff. I'm talking Fourth of July razzle-dazzle. - Razzle-dazzle? - Yes, both. Then, at night, we launch the fireworks off the roof of our building, and they explode spelling out "iCarly. Com" in the sky. - Can we really do that? - No. So I came up with something else. A sign. - A sign? - A big sign. One that lights up all different colours and says, - "Please go online to iCarly. Com. " - Yeah, yeah, that's good. We should hang it someplace like Like over a really busy highway. Thousands of people will see it when they drive by. You are a tiny genius. Well, well. Look what the janitor swept up. Spencer Shay. I thought I'd seen the last of you eight years ago when you graduated. But, sadly, you're back. Nice to see you, Ms Briggs. Or, now that I'm older, may I call you Margaret? - You may not! - Why? My name is Francine! Now get out before I give you detention. I'm 26. You can't give me detention. Then I give you detention. - One week. - What? - You don't scare him. - Yes, she does. - Get out! - No. - Two weeks detention. - Dude! Get out of here! No, no, no, no, wait. I am not letting this lady Spencer Shay, you have 30 seconds to leave or else Freddie gets expelled. Go! - I got it! I got it! - You thought of an idea for the contest? No. You remember at lunch, that piece of corn I got stuck in my teeth? - No. - Well, here it is! And thank you, for flicking your used corn onto my floor. Now, give me that. You gotta help me think of an idea. All right. - Right after we watch Seattle Beat. - No. - Please? Come on - No, we're not watching the show. - We're watching Seattle Beat. - No, we're not. I'm not gonna let you. - We're watching the show! Come on. - No, I don't want to watch it. Okay, fine! Okay, you may like the old drummer better, but I still say they're the best band happening in Seattle today. And to prove it, you're gonna see 'em right here on Seattle Beat, live, coming up in less than a half hour. Is that cool? And how about you people outside the Seattle Beat window? I got it. I know how we're gonna get a ton more people to watch our webcast. - Does it involve dental floss? - No, why? I think that piece of corn had a friend. Listen! You see those people outside the window on Seattle Beat? Yeah. You and I are gonna make a big banner. I enjoy big banners. And we're gonna take it down to Seattle Beat and hold it up right in front of that window for this whole city to see. That's brilliant. Everybody watches Seattle Beat. - Well, say thank you. - Why? I thought of it. - Yeah, but I thought of watching TV. - Let's just go make the banner. All right, let's banner it up. Okay, okay. I'm coming. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go upstairs. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm going. Hey, that's my thighs. Hurry! It's about to rain. I'm right behind you and it's already raining. Come on. Pardon me, ma'am. I'm really sorry. Move. Step aside, here. We're from the Internet. - We just need to get through right now. - Sorry. So, just move. Yeah. - Hold it up high! - Let's spread the word, baby. Move! We're from the Internet. Get ready, Seattle! And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band live at The Showbox next weekend. That sign is messed up. We're gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. Okay, I got the ground wire attached. Let's see if we got a hot circuit. - No, no, no, no, no, no, no. - Why no? Seven times? 'Cause you're a child, and this is high-voltage stuff, and you're not even wearing safety goggles. See, you gotta be extra careful when you're And that is why we wear safety goggles. Hey. - Do I smell barbecue? - No, that's my burning flesh. - What's that? - Soggy banner. Our plans to get more viewers didn't go too well. Yeah, like how the Titanic staying afloat didn't go too well. Come on, maybe a few people read our sign. Before the rain ruined all our hard work and made us sad. Yeah. We could still win. Yeah, I don't think so. I think me and Spencer are gonna win, and you two are gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. I feel bad for you, Carly. Not for you. - Sore loser. - You haven't won yet. What are you guys planning to do? You'll find out. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a contest to win. No offence, Carly. Come on, let's go dry off. Remember, iCarly goes live in three hours. - We'll be ready. - To win. Still no offence, Carly. All right, kid. Help me get this puppy down to the lobby. Okay, but then I gotta come back up here and help get ready for the show. I understand. - Who's that? - It's my buddy with the truck. Hey, you downstairs? Okay, we'll bring it downstairs, then me and you can load it on the back of your truck. Okay, down in five. Now let's get this sign on the road. Freddie? - Yo, Fred-o? - Help me. Okay, on our last webcast, Sam and I told you to go to iCarly. Com and click that feedback button. And man, you people clicked on that sucker like it was your job. So first, we wanna say thanks. - Thanks. - Thanks. And second, we wanna show you a video clip sent in by three iCarly viewers from Denver, Colorado. Freddie, play that clip. - Some people might say please. - Yeah. I didn't. Playback. Hey, Carly and Sam. We love your guys' web show. - Love it! - Yeah! Okay, okay, good. We got an important question for you. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? - Spaghetti and meatballs! - Spaghetti and meatballs! Okay, we have no idea why that guy in the middle was wearing a bunny suit. But it did get our attention. And so did the question, "Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs?" We gonna find out. Okay, we invited the little boy who lives two floors down to come up here and be our little tester. So, get out here, Emmett! - This is Emmett. He doesn't talk much. - Isn't that right? See? Luckily, Emmett will eat or drink anything. Seriously! One time Sam dropped a quarter. Emmett ate it. I got it back three days later. Okay, Emmett. We wanna know. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? So first, we take this spaghetti. And the meatballs. You gotta love spherical meat. We put it in the blender. - There we go. - Ready? And press frappé. - You ready, kid? - Go for it. - And there you have it. - You can drink spaghetti and meatballs. Now get out of here, Emmett. You creep me out. Yes, you can have the rest. Okay, now, we're gonna do something we've never done before. Tell us what it is, Carly. We thought it'd be fun to have a contest. Me and Carly against our technical producer, Freddie. Who teamed up with my older brother, Spencer. To see which team could come up with the best idea to get more people to watch iCarly. Sadly, our plan didn't go too great. Check it out. And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band at The Showbox next weekend. So be sure That sign is messed up. Okay, obviously, that sign won't be getting us any more viewers. Our project failed. But luckily, we weren't the only ones with a plan this week. So let's go to my brother, Spencer, live on a remote camera to tell us about his and Freddie's idea. Okay, going to Spencer, live. Hey, Spencer, how's it going out there? What's up, Spence? - Spencer? - Hello? - Put the taco down. - Are you there? - Can he hear us? - Yeah, he should be able to. - Try now. - Hey, Spencer! Hey, Carly, Sam. You guys owe me half a taco. Yeah. So tell us what you're planning to do out there. Well, I'm currently standing by the interstate near the Lumford on-ramp in downtown Seattle. Now, as you can see, there are literally many cars. I'll show you. Literally many cars passing by every minute. Which makes this the perfect place to hang a gigantic, luminescent sign. Like this! Behold the sign! Are you beholding it? We're beholding it. And since we're good sports, I have to say that sign does deserve a Good job, Spencer. You too, Freddie. Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam. Carly, Sam. You cannot understand how awesome this sign looks from out here. It is so dazzlingly bright, I swear, it's like What's going on out there, Spencer? Well, it seems our sign is so bright and dazzling, it distracted one of the drivers below. Actually, two of the drivers Three of the Literally many of the drivers below are being distracted by our extremely dazzling sign. Quick! Turn it off! - Turn it off! - Okay. I will now turn off the sign. - That's not "off!" - Spencer! - Dude! - Man. I am pressing the buttons, literally all of them, trying to turn off the sign. You're gonna overload the circuits! - "Pee on Carl"? - Turn that off! I'm trying! If the stupid cars would just Don't look at the sign! Stop beholding the sign! I stepped on my taco. Wait, wait, and read this one. - Insane. - Unbelievable. - I know, can you believe this? - I said unbelievable. I'm sorry, I thought you said you were doofy and annoying. All right, one more comment like that Try not to kill each other while I get the door. - He belong to you? - Yes, sir. He's my brother. Thank you, Officer. Do you have any lotion? No! Now, I'm letting you off with a warning. But next time you cause one of the worst traffic jams in Seattle history, you will get arrested. I think that sounds fair. What were you thinking? Putting up a sign telling people to pee on Carl? It was a terrible mistake, Officer Carl. Well, that was And just so you know, I did have lotion. Cucumber melon. - That was weird. - Yeah, that was weird. - Yeah, that was not right. - That was messed up. Anyway, sorry I kind of ruined your webcast tonight. - You didn't. - Come here. What? We were just reading the comment boards. Listen to this one. "The spaghetti in the blender made me LOL. But I swear, "when your brother's banner said, 'Pee on Carl,' "I almost peed myself. " Now read the one below it, about Seattle Beat. Yeah, here. "Carly, loved seeing you and Sam on Seattle Beat. "Sorry about the wet banner, but that was hilarious. "I'm gonna forward that clip to every kid in my school. Rock on, iCarly!" Sweet. How many comments like that? - Tons. - People are linking to us. - Telling their friends. - Okay, so wait, wait, wait. We all failed miserably trying to get you guys more viewers for iCarly. And yet it is precisely those miserable failures that are getting you guys more viewers for iCarly. - Right. - Yeah, that's it. Insanity. - Hey, we almost forgot the best part. - Yeah? - What? - Since all of us pretty much lost the contest, none of us have to touch Lewbert's wart. - Yeah. - That's right. Well then I say, let's go get us some low-fat cheese-less vegetarian pizza! - And some cucumber melon lotion? - Please! Hey guys, I love iCarly. Now watch me pick my nose with my toes.
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2020.09.27 03:20 Blithium I'm self-employed and the idea of doing my job very nearly makes me have a panic attack. Any ideas about what the problem is or how to deal with it?

Medical history: 26-year-old male, diagnosed major depression, ADHD, and a testosterone deficiency. Taking 20mg of Adderall XR daily, but my prescription got screwed up recently and I was given 20mg of regular Adderall instead. For what it's worth, I don't think that's the problem. Formerly, I've taken Zoloft (50mg daily and 100mg daily at different times in my life) for the depression, and I've tried multiple dosages of Adderall. I've been trying for over a year to get the testosterone worked out, but the pandemic is making it really difficult. I had a brief period in college where I practiced self-harm to relieve some of the stress I'm about to describe, and while that was somewhat effective, I would rather not start doing it again.

I run a Youtube channel as my full-time job. It's the job I've wanted since I was a kid, and I've been doing it for over three years. I hate it. I hate every second of it. But I don't think the amount of hate I have for my job is normal or reasonable. Everyone hates their job, but that doesn't mean they do half an hour's worth of work before they break down practically crying for reasons they couldn't explain if they tried to. I feel like I physically *can't* work on most days. It's like something's pulling at my stomach and it just keeps pulling harder and harder the more I try to put videos together. Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. Hitting my desk really hard and screaming does a lot to make the feeling subside for a little while so I can work for another few minutes, but it comes back really quickly and I don't want to hit my desk and scream because that scares my girlfriend (and probably my neighbors). My lack of motivation has affected my channel growth and my income severely (I'm making about a third as much money as I was at this point two years ago, and I'm actually in danger of not making enough money to live off of soon), and as much as I hate this job, I hate it *so* much less than any other job I've ever tried to do. I've looked into other jobs, but *what* I'm doing isn't the problem. I've had other jobs before and had similar reactions to them, the difference being that not doing my work there hurt my boss as much as it hurt me. I feel like such a damn baby saying this, but I don't know if I can handle having a job. I don't even know what it is. Just being expected to do things makes me freak out inside, especially if I'm on any sort of schedule with it. Again, I know that nobody likes their job, but I feel like I shouldn't be huddled in the fetal position and crying because of a couple hours' worth of editing Youtube videos in the comfort of my own bedroom.
Like I said, I don't think it's a matter of not liking the work itself. I think things would be like this no matter what my job was, since my previous jobs and my schoolwork all gave me similar reactions. I don't think I'm afraid that I'm doing a bad job, or that people won't like what I create. I don't feel like I have an unreasonable amount of work, especially since I decide what work I do and when. The amount of things I have to do can feel overwhelming in the moment, but breaking it down into chunks does nothing to help. The most consistent thoughts I have while having these "episodes" are along the lines of "what's the point," "I don't want to do this, but there's nothing I would rather be doing," and "I'm going to die. Why do I have to spend my very short life like this?" But usually, it's just a feeling, not really a thought. I'll go to do the next part of my project and get completely overwhelmed with a panicked, distressed feeling like somebody just told me my best friend died.
External circumstances: I'm very stressed about the current political situation. I feel hopeless and doomed and I feel like there's nothing anybody can do to change that. I recently moved away from most of my friends, and I'm feeling very socially deprived. As an extension of that, I'm feeling a lot of dread at the idea that I'm going to keep losing friends as I get older and people move away from each-other. My partner and I both agree that we aren't going to have kids in the United States (basically no matter what, at this point), so I feel torn between the decision to either stay here and have friends or have children and lose everyone else in my life. For what it's worth, while all of this is making the problem I'm asking about *a lot* worse, the problem existed way before 2016.
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2020.09.27 03:20 issaia19 Is it worth to watch these mystery k-dramas?

I want to know your review of the following:
· God’s Quiz (5 seasons)
· Voice (3 seasons)
· Partners for Justice (2 seasons)
These k-dramas have an interesting synopsis for me. I'm intrigued by how and why they made it that long. But I don’t want to waste my time watching the early episodes and then quit because the story became boring.
What can you say about those k-dramas I’ve mentioned? If you could recommend only one k-drama among these 3, which one will you choose?
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2020.09.27 03:16 ThrowAwayPieAccount My (20sF) Partner (20sM) Keeps Calling Me a Witch, and I Don't Know What To Focus

First, I want to start off by saying that I don't consider myself a witch. I occasionally enjoy going through witchesvsthepatriachy, but that's the closest I get to comparing myself to one.
However, around this time last year I finally felt comfortable enough with my partner to mention that I sometimes get glimpses or feelings of the future. I've never asked nor encouraged it; it comes and I accept it. I can count on one hand how many people I've told so it's a huge deal that I've told him.
When I told my partner this, he jokingly called me a witch at first; then, when going through his d&d manual (we both love to play but I don't consider it to be a final source on anything), he said that I was a seer. While only a joke at first, everytime I enjoy or do something especially weird to him, he calls me a witch. I've managed to brush it off as light joking until now as we have that kind of teasing relationship.
However, today we took our dog to the nearby park for the first time. (Too young until now.) It was a cool 79F and overcast; really nice weather, in my opinion. But when I said this to him, he said that I only enjoy it because I'm a witch. I know, and he knows, that other people enjoy such weather and have no relation to witchcraft, so I don't understand why he said that.
Is this him feeling uncomfortable about what I shared, or are these comments reflections of something I should be more concerned about? Anything that I try to look up about witches and seers either brings up the Salem witch trials or dramatized Hollywood stories (I'm looking at you, Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story.)
In addition, I also won't reject any advice about how to deal with the visions and feelings. I've gotten them my whole life, so maybe it's time I've learned how to manage it.
This is a throwaway account, as I don't want this connected to my everyday one. I'm not ashamed, just not ready to announce to the world yet. Crossposting on relationshipadvice and witchesvsthepatriachy, as I'm unsure where to seek advice. Thank you!
Tl;Dr, I told my partner that I sometimes get visions or feelings of the future one year ago, he's teased me about it ever since. How do I deal with it, any and all advice is accepted.
And before anyone says it, yes I asked him to stop calling me that, and that it isn't funny. He'll stop for a time but still does it again.
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2020.09.27 03:14 ThrowAwayPieAccount "You only enjoy this weather because you're a witch"

First, I want to start off by saying that I don't consider myself a witch. I occasionally enjoy going through this subreddit, but that's the closest I get to comparing myself to one.
However, around this time last year I finally felt comfortable enough with my partner to mention that I sometimes get glimpses or feelings of the future. I've never asked nor encouraged it; it comes and I accept it. I can count on one hand how many people I've told so it's a huge deal that I've told him.
When I told my partner this, he jokingly called me a witch at first; then, when going through his d&d manual (we both love to play but I don't consider it to be a final source on anything), he said that I was a seer. While only a joke at first, everytime I enjoy or do something especially weird to him, he calls me a witch. I've managed to brush it off as light joking until now as we have that kind of teasing relationship.
However, today we took our dog to the nearby park for the first time. (Too young until now.) It was a cool 79F and overcast; really nice weather, in my opinion. But when I said this to him, he said that I only enjoy it because I'm a witch. I know, and he knows, that other people enjoy such weather and have no relation to witchcraft, so I don't understand why he said that.
Is this him feeling uncomfortable about what I shared, or are these comments reflections of something I should be more concerned about? Anything that I try to look up about witches and seers either brings up the Salem witch trials or dramatized Hollywood stories (I'm looking at you, Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story.)
In addition, I also won't reject any advice about how to deal with the visions and feelings. I've gotten them my whole life, so maybe it's time I've learned how to manage it.
This is a throwaway account, as I don't want this connected to my everyday one. I'm not ashamed, just not ready to announce to the world yet. Crossposting on relationshipadvice and witchesvsthepatriachy, as I'm unsure where to seek advice. Thank you!
Tl;Dr, I told my partner that I sometimes get visions or feelings of the future one year ago, he's teased me about it ever since. How do I deal with it, any and all advice is accepted.
And before anyone says it, yes I asked him to stop calling me that, and that it isn't funny. He'll stop for a time but still does it again.
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2020.09.27 03:10 norfolkfoodie My first lsd experience... NOT GREAT!

Ugh, so. Where to begin. I really wanted to do acid in order to get a bit more creative and understand what psychedelics are like as part of research for a uni project. Was super excited, made sure I was in a great setting. I was in my own home with my two best friends and my partner (sober) in the house in case I needed him. I felt so happy and great! I only took half a tab, 125ug it would have worked out at. I wasn’t feeling too much and started feeling a bit silly but I loved it. I kept doing that thing y’know like in the NSYNC bye bye bye video where they are puppets? Well I felt like the puppet. ANYWAY! I was having a great time until my friend suggested having some weed as it makes it “trippier” so I was like yeah why not. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA. After that I have never peaked so badly in my life. I felt this extreme paranoia and anxiety wash over me, I could feel it physically weighing on me (?) it felt so heavy. I also think coming to terms with tripping is weird on its own but now it was in turbo drive. I felt like there were two different parts of me, one that was having a good time and the other that was dying. I kept forgetting conversations I was having and I kept crying. I ended up locking myself away from everyone as I didn’t wanna ruin anyone’s trip, they were just having fun but every time I heard a noise I thought they were talking about me! Even though I know they’re not like that. Was just such a weird and horrible experience. It was like my hands weren’t my hands, my body wasn’t mine. I couldn’t focus on any particular thing. I mean I enjoyed looking at the bed sheets for a while, they looked amazing but my bad trip was not fun. Thankfully my mate had 1/4 of a Xanax and it sorted me out. I don’t think I’ll ever ever be smoking weed with it again. Maybe that was a bit much for a first timer like me. I’m sorry if this makes no sense, it makes no sense to me either.
*** I do still have one 250ug tab left that I would kinda like to try micro dosing with as that was sort of the reason I got it in the first place, for productivity and creativity. Any advice on how to do that would be appreciated as I am a newbie. Seems a bit impossible to cut something already so small into even smaller pieces!
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2020.09.27 03:09 nagorb_celeste DPDR has made relationships hard and I'm finally able to work on it, consciously.

I've realized I've been doing something the more I've come out of dissociation: being kind of a jerk in a sense.
I'm not sure if this is self deprecating but: I wholeheartedly believe unintentionally or unconsciously while I was dissociated and people (specifically partners) would be having emotions-- I would get irritated and sort of pushy. Pressing "why", shutting down and dissociating so I'm not really hearing what they have to say, and I've only now noticed how I'm upsetting/ have upset people. Which makes sense.
I absolutely LOATHE when people push for me to talk about my emotions especially while they are happening.. so why would I do it to others? I'm not sure why, actually. I have a guess that it upsets me when others are anxious. As if I can feel it and I want it to stop.
I have life experiences where people will tell me of course I'm feeling this way and might do this. That doesn't really make me feel better about it, though. Kind of worse, actually. I don't want it to be an excuse, I guess. Even though, I know I'm not using it as one.
All I know is I'm finally going to make a conscious effort to work on this. Remember that people outside of myself are just as complex as I am. As real. I think dissociation has taken that realization from me. Or it did at least. I think it's why I haven't been able to connect to people.
Not sure why I wrote this. I just wanted this out there, and maybe if someone is having a hard time with dissociation and connection. To remember that it comes and goes, to remember to forgive yourself for while you were away, that you can work on your relationships even if they don't feel real.. idk. I feel hopeful, I guess.
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